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Great Outcomes

I engaged pixeldust to manage the design role for a new website we created, which had several creative challenges. Keryn brings a depth of experience to the design function, and is a good Coach providing explanation and guidance for those she works with. 

Two identities become one

The challenge for pixeldust was to create a single unified new website that retained the popularity of one site and advanced the branding of the other

Great Outcomes are a consultancy specialised in either improving or building from scratch customer service operations.

The Great Outcomes website was out-dated suffering from ‘small website syndrome’. It was also impossible for the client to update. The companies’ other website, Workplace Planning Professionals, was popular and a more modern website, however didn’t fit the brand direction the company wanted to take.

How we helped

We helped Great Outcomes pin down their brand personality. Through a series of short and focused questions and discussions we discovered that while Great Outcomes was a small consultancy they punched well above their weight in knowledge and expertise. Their client list was impressive with Auckland Council and Auckland University being just a couple of the large complex organisations that GO advised. The website design reflects this by striking a balance between energetic, agile and corporate.

GO were looking for an events management solution that both provided a vastly improved user experience for their customers and was easier to use and maintain from an admin point of view.

pixeldust assisted with evaluating and choosing an events management system for GO along with project managing online payments and shopping cart integration.

pixeldust sources and managed the specialist development resources required for the customisation of the events management and online payment solution.

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About Us

About Pixeldust

I’ve been working with web pretty much from the start of the internet revolution. I design and build websites. But wait! There’s more. With Pixeldust, you get the best of both worlds – a deep knowledge of web design and technology, combined with years of graphic design to create really good-looking sites.

Did I tell you that I teach this stuff? I lecture at AUT in user experience and web design. Even more reasons to trust that when you choose Pixeldust you get an easy-to-use, standout site that attracts traffic. And in today’s world, that means business leads.

Pixeldust provides an array of services: initial planning of a website’s structure and content; design and user interface; coding and development. I work across with all sorts of companies, from enterprise level IT to international wedding planner start-ups. It’s all about making sure that your website meets your communication and business objectives.